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Placenta Encapsulation Services

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method

We offer traditional placenta encapsulation using only the highest quality vegetarian capsules made from 100% vegetable derived source HPMC (Hidroxy, Propyl, Methyl, Cellulose), free of starch, sugar, corn, syrup, wheat, dairy, and other potential irritants or preservatives. The size 00 v-caps used for the encapsulation process are Kosher & Halal certified.


The information on this page  has not  been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA only evaluates mass produced drugs, complex medical devices, food additives and certain machinery. Hudson Valley Placenta Services makes no medical treatment claims regarding services provided. Services provided are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. 

Families who choose to utilize the services offered take full responsibility for their own health and asking any questions necessary to make a truly informed decision to utilize any offered services. 
We are not doctors or a clinical care providers. Please consult your medical care provider immediately if you have any concerns, require any medical treatment, or need to make medical decisions about your health, care and well-being. Placenta Services are not a substitute for medical care from a licensed clinical care provider.

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